Is Placenta Encapsulation right for you?

The practice of encapsulating the placenta after birth is gaining awareness. Peaceful Birth Encapsulation Services have been getting many positive reports from families using their placenta as medicine.  Some of the reported benefits include:

  • Increased breast milk supply
  • Mitigate postpartum bleeding
  • Balanced postpartum hormones (i.e. reduced postpartum depression and anxiety)
  • Reduced fatigue and increase energy levels
  • Higher iron and protein levels (protecting from anemia and fatigue)
  • Enhanced effects of pain relief during recovery, leading to smaller doses of traditional medication.

I have seen so many of my clients struggle with milk production and the postpartum emotional roller coaster. I know I also went through these same issues after my first birth. When I had my second child, I chose to encapsulate and experienced the immediate benefits. After having this experiences, I decided to get the proper training and begin offering the service to my own clients. I had to share my knowledge of encapsulation to families who want to utilize this amazing source of nutrients and hormones to aid in their postpartum recovery. I believe this service can greatly increase the chances of breastfeeding success and help create a peaceful, balanced postpartum experience for some moms.