Birth Partners

Birth partners will also become emotionally invested in the program, guiding the mother into deep hypnosis by reading her hypnosis scripts. They are an invaluable part of the birth process helping mom to focus and concentrate on her birth hypnosis tools while offering emotional and physical support. 

How do I see the role of the birth partner?

I feel that our birth partners are the most informed, involved and supportive that I have ever seen. My fathers are always a very important part of the birthing time. They are not observers or just “there.” They have roles and tasks that are theirs alone. They are to observe and watch for when their birthing mom needs reinforcement. They are to protect her bubble of peace and maintain that space. They should be her mouthpiece and answer all questions, fill out documents… allowing mom to simply concentrate on her hypnosis and be free of distractions. If anyone within that space is impacting mom negatively their role is to recognize that and neutralize it to protect their partner. Their role is crucial to the entire process. My job is to support them on their journey and guide them. I do not replace the birth partner. I help whenever needed and hold space for both of them during this sacred time.

Support for ALL Birth Partners!

I wanted to tell you all about three other great groups!

Two groups for men: "Natural Birth Support Group For Dads" and "Life of Dad" are both dads only groups

and for our LGBT mammas there is the group "The other mother."

In "Natural Birth Support Group For Dads" you will find

a safe place to ask all questions about natural birth. Jesse Hendricks is the administrator of this group and will help you find answers you need and lend support.

In "Life of Dad" The facilitator, Darren Mattock, is very familiar with Hypnobabies. My husband is in the group along with many other Hypnobabies dad's! It's a great place to send both daddies if you are a surrogate too.

For our LGBT mammas, please let your partner know about the

group "the other mother" a great resource for support too!

Get your partners to one of those groups if they need support or have questions!